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Visualize color lists as color patches.

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PatchTool Description

PatchTool is designed to:

  • Visualize color lists (xyY, XYZ, L*a*b*, L*C*h*, RGB, CMYK, spectral data) as color patches
  • Import lists saved in standard file formats (CGATS, CxF V-1, V-2 and V-3)
  • Import lists created with spreadsheets or word processors
  • Import/export spectral data with various scales and ranges
  • Import RGB data encoded in 8 bit, 15 bit, 16 bit, or scaled to 100%
  • Import/export color lists in OSA UCS coordinates
  • Import small TIFF images as color lists
  • Import/export Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) files
  • Switch between the Measured, Random, or Visual layouts of ECI2002 and IT8.7/4 targets
  • Perform printer and monitor certification as defined by IDEAlliance
  • Derive Color Correction matrices as per ASTM E1455
  • Check your display calibration with a DTP94, i1Pro, i1Pro 2, i1 Display, i1Display Pro, Spyder2, Spyder3 or Spyder4
  • Measure colors in reflectance with an i1 Pro or i1Pro 2
  • Compare patches from separate files
  • Compare two files with detailed statistics
  • Average files using weighted or un-weighted methods
  • Re-order, rename and renumber lists; turn and mirror patch layouts; flip rows and columns
  • Convert color lists to standard color spaces (xyY, XYZ, L*a*b*, L*C*h*, RGB, CMYK)
  • Convert lists using RGB or CMYK ICC profiles
  • Generate device dependent (RGB, CMYK), device independent (L*a*b*, L*C*h*, XYZ), and OSA UCS color lists
  • Check if a color list is clipped by a destination profile
  • Determine profile gamut volume
  • Extract data from photos of targets
  • Tweak color lists for improved printed accuracy
  • Export color lists in CGATS or text files
  • Export RGB in 8 bit, 15 bit+ (Photoshop 16 bit), true 16 bit, or scaled to 100%
  • Export to Munsell HVC
  • Export to images
  • Export to BabelColor CT&A (sold separately)

PatchTool Screenshots

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What's New in PatchTool 4.7

New features:
Extract Data from Profile tool: Extract and save the measurement data provided in dedicated tags within an ICC profile. The data can be in the form of a CGATS file, an XML file, or a compressed CxF3 file (ZXML tag). This tool can be used with the program in demo mode.
Extract Target from Image tool: This tool can now extract targets from 8 bit and 16 bit TIFF L*a*b* images.
Extract Target from Image tool:
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PatchTool Requirements

Operating Systems:

Mac OS X

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.6 or later

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